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At Vamia Solutions we are dedicated to the development of hardware and software integration specialized in IoT (Internet of Things), with the objective of adding value to the business model of our customers, innovating with technology connected to the internet that can provide real-time information; either monitoring through sensors, activating equipment remotely from a cell phone, automating repetitive tasks, generating automated alerts, or other activities that require real-time parameters monitoring and control through the internet.


Our Services


Mechanical Engineering

Suitable materials,strength and sustainability, are keys to optimize a product to 100%.

Industrial Design

Industrial design adds value to the product, makes it more attractive and eye-catching to customers.

Electronic design

Smart electronic designs make a key difference in energy efficiency.


The basic program that links intelligence with its application for the operation of an electronic product.


Minimizes risk and investment by obtaining prototypes quickly to validate the main aspects of the product.


Whether for personal use or mass production, production is the materialization of creativity.

Technologic innovation for your business

We offer solutions that fit the needs of our customers, with an important focus on the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Allowing your team to focus on the business and the most essential actions 24 hours a day, taking advantage of all available information.


Boost your development with your technology department

We support you, we are part of your company, so that innovation flows from within.


We help you find the best version, turning your idea into a reality.

We help you find the best version, turning your idea into a reality.


Create a new technological product in your market

Let's walk together towards innovation in high-tech products.


Solve problems, create new solutions.

Learn how technology can help your company reach the next level, discover how everything you do can be easier.


Our Customers

Our IoT ecosystem partner

“The Vamia team exceeded our expectations! They took the initiative and created the hardware we had in mind and didn't think was possible.”

Nadine Cino CEO & co-Inventor Sanichek

“They looked beyond design and functionality to incorporate durability and longevity in order to help our business achieve a better return on investment.”

TygaBox CEO

“We are grateful to the Vamia team, as their quality craftsmanship puts our company on the path to quickly conquer our market share.”

Sanichek CEO

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